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Put the NUMBER ONLY of your height in inches with no shoes (So, if you are 5'7" you would enter the number 67)
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Link to your demo or movie.
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DIRECT link to a recent swimsuit or form fitting clothes picture. Upload to postimage.org not facebook. This is so our costume department can see your body type. No nudes please!
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Do you have any special needs, disabilities, allergies, etc.
Do you have severe allergies to certain foods?
Anything you would like to add, put it here.
What is your current hair color?
We don't care about your race, just what you can pull off.
Briefly describe your Film Acting ability, don't be modest, do be honest. It's okay to put beginner here.
If you'd lke, list some acting experiences that you are proud of.
List Your top Film or TV role. List the Role Name, Production Company, Director, and Year Finished. (Okay to skip this)
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